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Licensed Experts for Your Basement Waterproofing Service in the Decatur, Illinois Area

Looking to keep moisture at bay in your Decatur, IL area basement? Illini Construction & Waterproofing has been the go-to place for basement waterproofing systems for over 10 years! Our expert crew can assist any residential or commercial property with foundation crack repair, excavation and sealing of foundation walls, basement egress windows, downspout extensions, French drain systems, drain grates, sump pumps, and much more! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and with a combined 40+ years of experience, our team can tackle any issue they come across. For additional security, our work comes with a lifetime warranty. Call for a consultation today and discover why our workmanship is trusted throughout the central Illinois area.

Our Basement Waterproofing Systems in the Decatur, Illinois Area

The team at Illini Construction & Waterproofing is dedicated to offering complete waterproofing solutions for your home or business’s basement area. When you work with us, you always receive prompt and thorough service suited to your specific needs and basement space. The solutions we offer are time-tested methods proven to get rid of musty smells and damp floors or walls. We offer French Drain Systems that direct seeping water to a reliable sump pump that discharges the water far away from your foundation. We also provide sump pump backup systems, drain grates, and downspout extensions to further help protect your basement or crawlspace from seepage or flooding. Whether you’re protecting your property for the future or trying to fix a problem you’ve just discovered, bring in our experts for the help you need.

6 Signs You Need to Call Our Waterproofing Specialists

A damp or musty smell

Even if there’s no visible indication of water seepage, musty odors are good clues that there’s a problem with your foundation.


We all know how dangerous mold can be. If mold is present in your basement, you need to discover the source of the entering water quickly.


This is another visual indication of water seepage. Efflorescence is a chalky white substance that indicates cracks or other foundation openings are nearby.

Cracks in your floor or walls

Any crack in your foundation wall has the potential to become a problem and will only worsen with time. These should be addressed as soon as possible.

Bowing walls

If you notice curves or bulges in your concrete foundation, call for immediate service. Without help, the pressure will certainly cause cracks to form.

Water marks

Water stains equal water seepage, plain and simple. The root cause could be poor grading in your yard and sending water over the top of your foundation.
Large crack in concrete foundation - Decatur, IL

Professional Foundation Repair in the Decatur, Illinois Area

Your foundation needs to be strong to handle all the requirements you place on your home or business. The first and foremost of these requirements is protection from the elements – namely water leaks and flooding. If your foundation has been damaged for any reason, our expert crew has the skills and experience necessary to repair it. From cracks, bulges, sinking or rising walls, or other problems, we’ll make sure your property has a base you can count on. Also, we offer sealing services and epoxy crack injections to help keep your foundation strong and prevent issues before they arise. Whatever your Decatur, IL foundation needs, Illini Construction & Waterproofing can provide it!

Basement Finishing and Basement Remodeling in the Decatur, Illinois Area

Finishing or remodeling your basement? Bring in our team to help you create the space you desire, and we’ll make sure it’s safe and dry from the start! Our highly qualified contractors possess years of industry experience and use only the best materials to ensure a secure space to serve as an entertainment room, storage area, and spare bedroom – the possibilities are endless. Using standard construction material can leave your property vulnerable, as it simply isn’t designed for water seepage protection. Consult our team when you’re ready to make the most of your basement space, and we’ll help you avoid costly repairs in the future!

finished remodeled basement with kitchen and carpeting and corner fireplace - Decatur IL