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Providing Solutions for your Basement or Crawlspace Waterproofing Issue

Illini Construction & Waterproofing has been helping local area homes and businesses solve all their leaky basement problems for over ten years. With thorough service and proven solution methods, we’ve dedicated our business to preventing water damage and keeping your property safe and intact. When you enlist our help, you get prompt service that’s custom-designed to your property and your needs. Don’t put up with musty smells or damp walls or floors – consult one of our waterproofing specialists today to get the help you need. Unsure what’s causing your wet basement? Schedule a free home evaluation and we’ll find the source of your problem and ensure you never have to clean up after a flooded basement again.

Don’t Ignore These Six Waterproofing Warning Signs

Not every basement water problem is as obvious as ankle-deep standing water. While many signs can be subtle, early recognition of them can help you prevent costly repairs – and save you plenty of headaches in the process. Keep these indicators in mind and call our basement experts quickly if you notice any of them!

A damp or musty smell

Unless your basement is a locker room, it shouldn’t smell like a locker room. Even if there aren’t any visible indicators of seepage, this smell indicates that it’s been occurring for a while now.


Visible mold is always a cause for concern and should never be ignored. Where there is mold, there is moisture. Regardless of what color mold you find, contact our team immediately for assistance.


While not as serious of a condition as mold, efflorescence is another visual indication that water is getting through your walls. It comes in the form of a chalky white substance, which is the migration of salt to the surface of porous materials like concrete. This happens near cracks or openings where water is entering.

Cracks in your floor or walls

Even if water isn’t entering through them yet, cracks in your foundation wall are a ticking time bomb that will only get worse as time goes on. However, when addressed early, these are typically the least expensive issues to encounter.

Bowing walls

If your concrete foundation wall curves or bulges inward, you need immediate service. Bowing can cause the foundation to crack and allow water to leak in. Typically, this problem can be fixed with steel bracing.

Water marks

If your walls are showing water stains running down them, then water is entering over the top of your foundation due to poor grading or other exterior issues. Without proper waterproofing from our specialists, this is sure to continue happening.
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French Drain Systems

Talk to one of our basement waterproofing specialists to see if a French Drain System is right for your property! This is an interior system that can relieve pressure from poor exterior drainage without the hassle of outdoor excavation services. In this method, a portion of your basement floor along the foundation perimeter is removed, creating a trench that will house washed stone and a series of perforated PVC pipes connected and pitched towards a sump pump pit at the lowest point of the system. Any water leakage will flow into the pipes via the washed stone trench towards the sump pump, where it will be discharged to the outside, away from your foundation. Once in place, the trench is re-cemented to match your basement’s floor level.

This system offers homeowners a multitude of benefits. French Drain Systems can be installed in any season during any weather condition and avoid costly damage to your landscape or driveway. Inspection caps installed throughout the system allow for easy indoor inspections and cleanout service. The system’s design protects it from crushing or clogging and even allows it the capability of venting radon gas as well. With all of this in mind, consider installing a French Drain System for effective basement waterproofing!

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are the cornerstone of effective waterproofing systems, preventing flooding by pumping and directing water away from basements or crawlspaces. While there are various designs and models of sump pumps, utilizing one in your home or business is vital if you want to protect your property from water damage. At Illini Construction & Waterproofing, we help you choose the right sump pump to fit your needs and provide expert installation and service to guarantee you have a functional waterproofing solution that lasts you for years to come.

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Sump Pump Installation

Proper installation of your sump pump is just as important as choosing the right pump for your needs. Selecting the right location for the sump pump pit and discharge pipe, digging the system of drainpipes, patching the floor – our waterproofing and construction professionals have years of experience to make this process fast, easy, and efficient.

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Sump Pump Backup Systems

Of course, your sump pump is no good to you if it isn’t working. But since it’s underground, how will you know something is wrong? We always recommend the installation of a water or battery-powered backup system for just this reason! This backup will protect your drainage system in the event of a power outage, a malfunction with your main pump, and even an excessive amount of inflow water that your pump may struggle to handle. In the event of any of these scenarios, your backup system will alert you that there is a problem, allowing you to fix the issue.

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Sump Pump Discharge Lines

All that water must go somewhere, and your system’s discharge line is what ensures that it goes where you want it – away from your foundation! Additionally, proper design and installation of your discharge line will help prevent clogs, keeping your system running when you need it most. Illini Construction & Waterproofing technicians are drainage experts and design each system to suit the specific needs of the customer to ensure maximum protection!

Drain Grates & Downspout Extensions

For additional drainage solutions, our crew offers the installation of drain grates and gutter downspout extensions. Drain grates can be used to catch water from other problem areas where it can pool up and divert it into your established sub-floor drainage system, where it will be routed through your discharge line and out away from your foundation. Similarly, extensions to your home or business’s downspouts will ensure that the water discharge from your gutters doesn’t seep into your basement. These extensions come in various sizes and styles – consult our experts to determine what will work best for your property!

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