Our Construction Services Help You Avoid Basement Leaks in Springfield, Illinois

If you’re considering making use of your basement space, why not bring in the waterproofing specialists at Illini Construction & Waterproofing to finish your room with sealing and waterproofing in mind from the outset? Our team can provide your property with quality materials and expert services to ensure you enjoy a comfortable dry space for years to come. From drainage and sump pump systems to waterproof wall and floor panels, we’ll consult with you at every step to provide the perfect waterproofing solutions to suit your space and your needs. Conventional building materials simply can’t hold up against the levels of moisture that basements can face. Request a consultation with an Illini representative today and see what we can do for the blank canvas that is your unfinished basement!

Exterior view of an egress window in a basement - Springfield, IL

Egress Windows

If you’re looking into transforming your basement into a livable space, you should consider installing egress windows as well. There are many building codes that have adopted egress windows as requirements for basement living spaces, as they provide emergency exits for the room. However, these windows can also provide aesthetic advantages as well, with a variety of stylish designs for the exterior window well and the addition of natural light brightening up your basement room. Egress windows are a welcome addition to any basement system to keep it safe and attractive.

Basement Remodeling

Looking to redesign your basement? Illini Construction & Waterproofing can help tear down your existing setup and create a brand-new waterproof space for entertaining or relaxing! If you’ve noticed part of your existing basement system has been damaged from flooding or other areas of water seepage, the rest of your space could be in danger as well. Why not take this opportunity to have our team replace your walls, ceilings, and floors with material that’s suitable for water protection and reshape your space in the process? For a spacious, comfortable (and dry) new basement, consult one of our waterproofing and construction professionals today.

Finished renovated basement of residential home with entertainment center, couch and flat screen television - Springfield IL

Switch to Solar and Take Control of Your Energy Bills

Why Go Solar?

It’s the purest, most sustainable energy source accessible.

As more homeowners embrace solar power for its savings and environmental advantages, you might be considering the transition yourself. You may have questions or reservations about switching to solar energy. Let’s clarify what the journey to residential solar energy entails. The first step is deciding to adopt solar energy, and Illini Construction & Waterproofing is your ideal partner. We’re here to guide you toward clean energy. Once you’ve committed to solar power, the process with Illini Construction & Waterproofing is simple, interactive, and enjoyable. Let’s dispel your concerns and move towards a greener, brighter future together.

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